How to buy a home with no surprises.

When you’re ready to buy a home, whether it’s your first time or your 55th, it can seem challenging. Not only do you have to find a home you’d like to buy, but you probably need to finance it. It might just be the biggest purchase of your life. That’s where we come in: We’re here to make the process as easy as possible, while making sure you’re informed every step of the way. We rigorously follow a “no surprises” policy, which means that you’re going to know everything you need to know, in advance, before you make a decision or sign on the dotted line.


The first thing we do is get to know you — really. You’re not just a bunch of numbers. You’re a person with hopes and dreams, and most likely a set of goals you’d like to achieve. Our mission is to help you accomplish exactly what you’d like to, and present realistic solutions and choices. As part of this discussion, we’ll run a pre-qualification analysis so you know how much you can finance, and the tradeoffs between various types of loan programs. So how much should you put down? Check out the video at the top of this page.


Now that we’ve gotten to know each other, it’s time to talk turkey. We’ll scour our loan programs to match you with the right loan. Because life is complicated and your goals are unique, it’s likely your proposal will contain several options. But we’ll make it easy to choose what’s right for you. All of our proposals include a deep dive into the hard facts, transaction costs, monthly payments, projected tax savings, and contract strategy. By the way, that last bit is unique; we think your financing should be an asset when you’re buying a home, so that’s why our proposals are strategically matched to the property you want to buy.


We have to say it: Most loan officers start here and focus on rates. But how can we get you pre-approved when we don’t know you? Or even match the right loan programs to your needs? (Please refer to step one, which we really do believe is actually step one.) That’s why we get to know you first before issuing a rock solid pre-approval letter you’ll attach to your offer for a home. We’ll also consult with you and your REALTOR® about how your financing can be used as a secret weapon when you make an offer on a home.


We wait, poised and ready like mortgage ninjas, to respond lightening fast when you need us. You put us on speed dial so you can call us anytime (we have noticed that most people seem find the perfect home on the odd weekday night, holiday or weekend). We’ll give you live, to-the-penny estimates on payments and programs. We’ll also fine-tune your contract strategy based on the specific property you want to buy.

Approval & Closing

You WON! Your contract is ratified! What happens now? Our ace team swings into action, leaping tall buildings, locking in the right rate, and making underwriters feel all warm and gushy about you throughout the process of closing your loan. We do it by asking for just enough of the right paperwork to complete the loan application, so that we can satisfy the genuine desire of the underwriter to swiftly approve your loan based on the correct financial picture. We’ll also be in close contact with you about all the contract details and contingencies, like when the appraisal and inspections happen, so we can close right on schedule, and you can take possession of your new home. With your loan nicely tucked into your financial future, now we can look after you and your mortgage for years to come.

Love Notes

By now, you’ve realized that we really care about you and your finances. In fact, we just can’t stop caring, which is why we periodically review your mortgage to see if you can benefit with a timely low or no-cost refinance. As in, every single time there’s a move in the market, we look to see if it benefits you. Then we send you a note, or give you a call. We love to save you money and see your equity grow. That’s why we love this business.

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