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Why Us? Why MVB Mortgage?

Simple. Our people make it easy, and we offer a full suite of products that meet the needs of 99.99876% of homebuyers. It’s a very rare day when we cannot help a client get a mortgage.

Our scale allows us to offer great loans for all types of customers; our expertise enables us to accelerate the lending process. We get things done, even when there are hurdles to jump, timelines to meet, challenging or unique properties, and people who just need to understand the lending process before signing on the dotted line.

Homeownership isn’t just part of the American dream; it’s the bedrock of most people’s finances.

To us, mortgages aren’t just a bunch of numbers and programs. Mortgages are about possibilities and responsibilities. Our job is to illuminate the present and the future, and safeguard the transaction so that no detail is left behind, and it closes right — and right on time.

Frankly, we’re persnickety finance geeks who sweat every detail of every transaction. We just can’t help it. We love this business, because it can transform our clients’ lives.


First-time Home Buyers

Difficult or Complex Loans

Condominium Financing

Jumbo Mortgages

Self-employed Borrowers

Low Down
Payment Loans

Timely Refinance Opportunities

VA Home Loans

Construction Loans

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Loans We Offer

The truth is, lots of lenders offer similar loans and rates. So what’s the difference between us? People, plain and simple.

Our people offer the gold standard in mortgage lending: Make it easy, smooth and as fast as possible for you to get the right loan, at the right rate, for your situation. We simplify the process so it’s a much better experience, from your first call with us to signing your loan documents. Through MVB Mortgage, we offer scores of loan programs, and custom-fit them to your situation. Call us at 202.899.2603 so we can walk you through the options.

Conventional Conforming Loans

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages up to the High Balance limits. Unlike most lenders, we have the flexibility to choose which agency product works best for you.

Jumbo Mortgages

If you’re buying a home that requires a loan that exceeds the government’s high-balance limits, you’re in jumbo territory. We know the landscape and have helped hundreds of borrowers get a great rate on a jumbo loan with less stress all around.

FHA Loans

Low-down-payment, government-backed loans are ideal for people with cash or credit challenges, eliminating delays and allowing credit scores as low as 580. We eliminate underwriting delays and make the process smoother. We also specialize in issuing FHA Condo Approvals through the DELRAP process.

Construction Loans

Want to build your dream home?  MVB Mortgage and The Downs Group offers construction loans and renovation mortgages with flexible qualification standards and a draw process that will make your builder happy!

VA Home Loans

Veterans have the ultimate flexibility to buy a home with no money out of pocket. We excel at getting veterans ratified even in markets where sellers prefer conventional loans. And we’re highly efficient with VA condo approvals.

Private-Label Portfolio Lending

Special-case options exist for people with unique circumstances that fall outside of conventional, FHA, VA, and jumbo situations. If you fall into one of these categories, give us a call.

Foreign nationals buying in the US

People with credit events such as a short sale or foreclosure in the past four years

Unique investment opportunities like non-warrantable condominiums

All loan types accommodate a variety of down-payment alternatives and fixed or adjustable rates.

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If there’s one thing we know about this business, it’s that it’s all about YOU. It’s not about us. What counts to us is what you want to achieve.

We’ll explore options with you that you may not even realize you have. For example, you may need to put less money down than you think. Or, you may need some honest advice about how to heal your credit. Or maybe you’re self-employed and have complicated taxes.

Everyone’s situation is different. Our job is to get to know you, and present the very best options we can so you can achieve your goals.

Get the right mortgage for your life and financial goals with help from our mortgage coaches.

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