Team – John Downs

John Downs

Area Manager
NMLS# 476406

John is the architect and founder of The Downs Group. He’s not content to be a top mortgage lender in the DC Metro area (which he is) — he wants to reinvent the process of getting a mortgage.

John wants the lending process itself to illuminate a path to financial independence for his clients. That’s why he helps people become financially literate so that they can make intelligent financial decisions.

John’s motto is wealth for the next generation. Whether you count yourself as part of the next generation, or are ready to build the next level of wealth for yourself, John thinks everyone deserves a great financial foundation. John will tell anyone who will listen that a mortgage is an instrument of leverage — and that a mortgage allows you to use someone else’s cash to build your own wealth.  

To be an industry leader in mortgage banking, you must have a vast array of mortgage lending products.  The Downs Group is pleased to have the backing of MVB Mortgage, a division of MVB Bank, which provides the products, pricing, and fulfillment to help every homeowner in any situation!

John’s team is comprised of mortgage experts who also happen to be fierce competitors, client advocates, friends, athletes, coaches, neighbors, parents and dog lovers.

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Victoria Wilkerson
Production Manager


Click here and you’ll be taken to the MVB Mortgage application page. John will be happy to guide you through the process.

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