Team – Victoria Wilkerson

Victoria Wilkerson

Production Manager
NMLS# 1389742

Like most people who are both expert and modest, Victoria Wilkerson prefers to let her work speak for itself. She is preternaturally calm even when the pressure is on, and that’s probably because she spent 14 years at a high-pressure law firm before joining Downs Capital. Around the office, she is the first person everyone turns to for a smile, an answer, and when called for, a particularly funny joke. She is also the master of every detail, and keeps Downs Capital running on schedule.

In her spare time, Victoria is devoted to her family and community service (although she’s pretty darn quiet about her exceptional work with the homeless or mentally ill through her church and other groups). She’s known John since childhood, which may explain why she majored in psychology at Towson University (or so she says). She is an excellent cook, experienced traveler, curious reader of all things interesting, and enjoys spending time with her little dog, Emma.

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