Our Mission

Your financial independence is our mission.

We believe the world is a better place when people are more financially literate and empowered to make wise investment decisions. Quite simply, we help you build wealth so that you can have the life you want.

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The Right Loan

We find the right loan that gives you the most equity and opportunity—now and in the future.

The Big Picture

The lending process is only the beginning of our relationship. We continue to check-in with refinance opportunities that can improve your rate and help with any new, strategic decisions as your life and situation changes.

Financial Literacy

We help you increase your financial literacy, so that you can make the right choices to achieve your goals.

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Start Early

We love to help people get started as early as possible, and we know that it’s never too late to get on the road to financial independence.

I was always good with numbers. Now I’m good with futures.

I got a job in the mortgage industry right after college. I felt like I was the right guy in the right career. I was good with numbers and I loved making people happy. Business was booming, and I thought I must be some kind of financial whiz kid as I quickly became a top mortgage lender.

I suppose everyone has a pivotal career moment. For me, it wasn’t just a moment; it was the giant financial crisis triggered by bad lending practices in the mortgage industry.

Everyone got hit in 2008-2009, and I was no exception. Funding dried up, regulations tightened, and it was nearly impossible to get a mortgage for anyone. If there was a single thing I learned during this horrible period, it was simply this: My industry wasn’t — and really hadn’t been — focused on helping people.

All too often, I saw that good people were steered into mortgages that didn’t fit their life goals. It wasn’t just because of bad lending; it was because no one had really listened to them. There wasn’t any real counsel; a lot of it was mumbo jumbo. In those years — and unfortunately to this day — lots of loan officers seem to care more about getting people into a loan that works for the lender, instead of what really works for the client.

The more I thought about it, the more the whole process made me mad. People need more than a rate quote and a fast close—even if they don’t know it themselves. They need someone to look out for their interests and treat their money as if it was their own.

That’s when I decided to be that guy: The one who tells the truth, does the right thing, and tells it like it is.

I decided to re-invent the mortgage lending process, so that it’s about helping people understand the impact of the loans they get — not endless streams of confusing paperwork.

I did everything I could to streamline the process by leveraging technology to put together better, stronger loan applications. I added a heavy dose of in-depth counseling before writing an application, so that I could help my clients pick the right loan for their lives and goals.

I held myself and my team to a higher standard: Every application would be 100 percent accurate the first time, with no missing details, and tailored to each client’s specific circumstances. All of this is about shining the best light possible on my clients’ financial profile — not wasting time digging up random checks for $129 from five years ago.

“Most people think about working toward a home — I want your home to work for you.”

I sought out real estate agents and professionals who shared my values about ethical service and truly helping clients. I carved out a niche that emphasized relationships and financial literacy.

I insisted on gaining deep insight into each client’s unique situation and aspirations. And then I devoted myself to their economic well-being, long term. For me, it wasn’t about rates, points or the number of loans I could close. It was about people and their futures.

My clients wanted to understand how they could do more with their money. They wanted to get mortgages that helped them achieve their long-term goals, like achieving financial independence, sending kids to college, building a real estate investment portfolio, or saving for retirement. With every mortgage, we unlocked a new future.

Very quickly, I knew I was on to something important. People started calling because they wanted honest advice, not just a mortgage.

As my business grew, I added team members who were as invested in my way of doing business as I was. In fact, I’d say that my team is the best in the business at identifying exactly what clients need to achieve their goals (not just our own).

The truth is, we’ll never be about rates or points; instead, we measure our success by how we’ve helped every one of our clients achieve their dreams.

That’s why I’m glad to call MVB Mortgage home. As a subsidiary of MVB Bank, we offer loan products and the support to help more people than ever. And that’s what really counts to me.

Take a look around the site. Get to know us and take advantage of the many resources we have for you. And ask questions. We’re here to help.

Experience The Difference. Unlock your Potential.

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